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About Us

Soul House Styling specialises in preparing your property for the property market using interior styling techniques to get it looking its very best. At SHS, we believe every house is different and has a unique story to tell. Our mission is to showcase the lifestyle your property can bring to potential buyers, making it extremely desirable and giving it ‘that extra edge’ against other properties on the market.

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Why Use A Property Stylist?

Professional styling is a major component of successfully selling any property. We believe our services is a return investment into selling a property as it increases the chances of selling for a higher than market price and in a shorter amount of time! Our styling packages set our clients properties apart from the competition. Our styling will give your property it’s best chances of attracting the broadest audience, it will draw more interest from buyers and it can evoke emotion and feelings from buyers on open days.

Most buyers find it hard to visualise where their own furniture would go or determine a definite purpose for a certain space when inspecting a property. This prevents them from envisioning themselves living there and can distract them from the beautiful, charming and attractive parts of a property. Professional styling shows potential buyers where their own furniture could go, hides any flaws the property may have, redirects attention to the positive aspects of a house and overall it creates a feeling of warmth and welcome. Another huge benefit of styling is the illusion of space furniture placement can create. This is especially important in empty properties. If you remove all furniture from a room it will always look smaller. Therefore if your property is on the market and it’s empty, it will most certainly give buyers the impression that the house is a lot smaller than what it really is. Large, oversized furniture that is too big for a room will also give the same effect. Best to leave this to the experts!

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Our Process

  1. Initial Contact

    When you call us, we can have a chat about your property and how Soul House Styling can help you. We will then make an appointment with you to come visit your property.

  2. Property Visit

    At our appointment, we will have a walk through your house and discuss our recommendations for styling. We will then email you a detailed quote within your budget, including all the inclusions and services we will provide.

  3. Installation

    Once you have accepted our quote, we will arrange a date when we can install our furniture and start the transformation process! This process usually only takes 1 day. It’s important that a photographer is scheduled to take pictures of the property soon after installation so you can have your listing online as soon as possible.

  4. Collection

    Once your property has sold, or at the end of the hire period, we will arrange a suitable date to collect all the furniture leaving you to enjoy your successful sale!

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We service all suburbs in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas



M: 0449 708 337