Picking the Perfect Cushions

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The impact cushions can make to a room is often underestimated. They add instant style and colour and also assist in setting the mood of the room. Do your need to update the cushions in your home? Read here on our top cushion style tips!
  1. Mix Up Sizes

    It’s important to have at least a few different sized cushions on your sofa or bed. It helps to achieve a lived-in, warm and welcoming look. Having cushions all the same size creates the opposite, a formal look. Think large, small, square, round, oblong and the growing popular knotted cushion. Side tip: an oblong cushion always looks fabulous on a well dressed bed. It helps to blend the existing cushions and bed together.

  2. Karate Chop!

    Have you wondered why the stylists on TV karate chop their sofa cushions but it won’t work on your cushions at home? That’s because you don’t have duck feather cushions and I suggest you buy some ASAP! These plumpy cushions instantly add a luxe look to your home and they can help to blend in different sizes of cushions you may have. IKEA sell duck feather cushion inserts for less than $10!

  3. Texture, Texture and More Texture

    Don’t be afraid to layer a few different textures together. There is no rule that you cannot mix velvet with fur or fur with sequins and so on, so have fun and experiment!

  4. Patterns and Neutrals

    Now while there are no texture rules, I have my own personal set of pattern mixing rules. I only mix a maximum of two different patterns together, teamed with as many neutral cushions I can get my hands on and a mix of whatever textures I like. Stick with this formula when choosing cushions and waalah!

  5. Outdoor Cushions

    Outdoor cushions are so important as they make any outdoor area feel inviting and homely, making your outdoors really feel like an extension of your home! The above tips usually don’t apply for outdoor cushions due to the limited selection available however there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting these cushions. Go for a bright colour teamed up with a few patterned cushions for interest. Greens, blues and oranges are popular outdoor colours at the moment and can really lift any dull looking furniture.