Our Services

Pre-Market Styling Consultations: In our consultations we will give you professional advice and tips on how to best prepare your property for the market. We will meet you at your property, do our own outside and inside inspection then do a walk through with you to discuss our recommendations. After the consultation you will be emailed a written report of our recommendations and suggestions so you can use this as a checklist.

Partial Property Styling: Instead of furnishing and styling a full house, we can select only a few areas to focus on and we can even mix and match your current furnishings with some hired items. This service is all about making the most impact with the least amount of hired items.

Full Property Styling: This is our full 5 star service which we believe gives the most return in your investment. It involves furnishing and styling your entire house or a selection of rooms to totally give it a transformation which will attract the widest audience possible. A full property style ensures the house has a cohesive look and feel. Many vendors ask if we can use their existing furnishings, which can only be answered in a case by case basis. The furnishings we select are based upon many factors such as colour palette, modernism, size, feel and how it complements the house. Removal of all existing furniture ensures the new look will be cohesive throughout. Even though our preference is to remove existing furniture some pieces may be able to stay and be incorporated into the new look.